French Vedette Clock. 1920’s.

French Vedette clock or box clock.

French Vedette Clock. 1920’s.

French Vedette Box Clock. 1920’s.

I have two clocks of this type in my collection. They are both well-made clocks with high quality robust movements. These are not the most attractive clocks to collect. However, they are, by far, two of the best sounding chiming clocks in my collection. They both have the best quality chime rods and when the hammers are set at optimum height the chime and strike sound quality is very good indeed.

Repairing Vedette Clock Springs

I recall that one of the mainsprings had broken on this clock and upon disassembly, I found that the spring had broken at the ‘hole-end’ about 3 inches from the end. As such, I was able to salvage the spring by un-tempering the end and re-fabricating a new hole. Then, after cleaning and oiling, I could refit the original spring.

I recall having a tough time fitting the spring back into the barrel by hand. One tool that I have gotten away without thus far is a main spring winder, at a price of nearly severing my fingers!!

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  1. Hi. I just came across your site while I was researching my grandmother’s clock when I saw the French Vendette Wall Clock. That’s the same one that we have. Just out of curiosity would you happen to know the value of it. It works fine chimes and all.

    Thank you.

  2. Hi,
    I am doing research on a Vedette box clock which was given to my parents as a wedding present in 1938. My clock is virtually identical to the one in picture. After my parents passed on the clock was given to my brother who has also since passed on and now I am in possesion of the clock. Unfortunately it had been a bit neglected and when I received it I discovered that the pendulum was gone. I would dearly like to have it replaced as well as have the clock cleaned up. As I am from South Africa I am not sure if I would be able to locate spares as well as someone who would be able to service it over here. Any information regarding this would be greatly appreciated.
    PS – I was absolutely delighted when I came upon this site and saw the almost identicle clock!

  3. I am from Malaysia. I have one of these “huge box” veritable French clock. I called it huge is because this is bigger than the normal average clock. The 8 chime rods sounded fantastic, thanks to the resonance from the big wooden box. The movement runs great once set right. Only set back is – when it sounded like 9, 10, 11 & 12 o’clock, it seems like forever. This sometimes disturbs my watching TV and night sleep. Of course, you can just silent the chime by hooking the 2 strings to the side wall of the clock.
    Great clock to own.

  4. I just came across this clock today 12/01/17 I paid 20.00 for it .To find out when I got it home and started to look at the movement I found that at lest one of the gears is broken and one of the springs it sprung. if there is anyone out that would love to buy this clock from me let me know I will be asking more then 20.00 for it. So make me a offer anyone I live in Peoria AZ my name is Gary

  5. Vedettes have really good chimes. Their movements are about the best for Westminster clocks and is convenient to service and repair, in fact that can be said of most French Westminster Clocks from the pre 1960 era.
    Thi one looks in superb condition what metal are the gongs made of if I may ask.

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