French Mantel Clock. 1800’s.

This is a French mantel clock.

French Mantel Clock. 1800's.

French Mantel Clock. 1800’s.

I purchased this one only to find out it wasn’t what it appeared to be……

You will notice that there is a black plate just underneath the two winding arbors on the face. This plate covers the two ‘original’ winding arbor holes. A previous clock repairman had replaced the movement with one that did not match the winding arbor holes and drilled two others.

I believe the case and the face are both original. The movement is a small round bell strike French movement that has been attached directly to the solid brass face plate with posts and taper pins. I recall dismantling the movement.  It was very well manufactured, typical of  fine quality French clocks. (As a matter of fact, this particular movement actually had bronze plates.) The previous repairmen had actually done a great job replacing the movement. As such, I decided to keep the clock in my collection.

The face was painted and this obscured the plate hiding the extra holes. I striped the paint off to reveal the original brass finish with engraved numerals still filled with the original black wax. Typically, I try to buy clocks that are somewhat original. However, once in a while you will get caught out and buy something that is not what it appears to be. There are so many things to look for when purchasing a clock that often you miss the most obvious!!

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