French IROD Clock. Two Chime, Art Deco Wall Clock

This French IROD Clock is a two-chime wall clock from the 1920’s. Very art deco, isn’t it?

French IROD Clock

French IROD Two Chime Wall Clock

This was the first Westminster chime clock I dismantled. The movement is one of the best designed I have seen for a vintage Westminster chime clock.

Separated Movement Plates

The movement plates are separated into three separate plates enabling one to dismantle each train individually. For instance, if one wished to work on the strike train, you would only have to remove the plate that retains the wheels for that particular train. A brilliant concept.

I have only seen similar designs on modern Hermle movements that enable one to replace mainspring barrels individually. It took almost 100 years for the clock industry to catch on!!! And now, a hundred years yet further on, people like me are still admiring the work. You just don’t find it like this anymore. You just don’t.

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