English Regulator Clock Project

Ever wanted to build your own clock? I have recently embarked on a project to build an English Regulator Clock. The clock is in the English-style and is a weight-driven regulator clock.

English Regulator Clock Construction

The eight day movement has nine shaped pillars supporting three large brass plates. It will have maintaining power, a dead beat escapement and crossed out wheel work.  A one-meter Invar rod temperature compensated pendulum will have a brass bob and large silvered adjusting screw with engraved scale and numerals. A brass cased weight will hang from a four spoke pulley.

The Movement

The movement consists of a five wheel weight driven time train that begins with a massive 96 tooth great wheel. All pinions will be of the lantern design.

The Dials

Hour, Minute and Seconds will be displayed on a single, silvered face subdivided into three separate dials.

I plan to use small ball-races for the bushings and may incorporate a couple of bushing made from Lignum Vitae wood as a nod to the mighty John Harrison.

Thus far, I have completed the plates, pillars, wheel work and lantern pinions.

The accompanying photos show the machining of the pillars, plates and my gear cutting process.

The case design has yet to be determined

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