Enfield Boardroom Clock. 1930’s (I think.)

I have researched this Enfield Boardroom Clock extensively and have not been able to come up with very much information on it.

Enfield Boardroom Clock.

Enfield Boardroom Clock.

Enfield was purchased by Smiths; this is well documented. boardroommovementHowever, I have never been able to find out exactly when the name ‘Enfield’ stopped appearing on clocks and ‘Smith Enfield’ was used.

I have not seen another like it. If anyone reading this can enlighten me further I would appreciate the input. I have done very little to this clock other than strip down the movement and clean it.

The clock has a couple of unusual features; the top of the clock slides off like a hood and exposes the entire movement for maintenance and adjustment (very cool!). The weights, pendulum and chains are all chrome plated. This is very unusual for tall-case clocks such as this, even in the ‘art deco’ period. I have only seen chrome on wall clocks and some mantel clocks.

Of fascinating note, thanks to one of our readers, Brian, we have images of the manual for this clock.

Download the PDF version.



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