Dutch Warmink skeleton wall clock

Dutch Warmink  Skeleton ClockI’ve researched Dutch Warmink clocks and haven’t found anything close to this model. Apparently Warmink are now out of business.

You find a lot on line about Dutch Warmink zaandam clocks for sale. We have several zaandams and this is nothing like them.

I am currently working on this interesting wall clock; I came across at an auction. As you can see, the movement is very robust. The wheel work, frame, escapement and verge is comparable to that of a street clock. The clock is made entirely of brass and steel (including the dial).

There are two weights (one is a counterbalance). The clock is missing the pendulum hanger for which I will use a Hermle 7 3/8”. The problem seems to be where to get one! All the usual suspects are out of stock. Seeing as I haven’t spent much time on this project, I’m interested to see if this is an 8 day or 1 day movement. The clock is rope driven; we’ll have to wait and see just how well it keeps time……to be continued.

UPDATE: To view how this clock project turned out, check out our update.

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