Victorian Downham Market Clock, Norfolk, United Kingdom

The Downham Market Clock sits in the main square. The unique Victorian black and white clock tower has stood at the center of this Norfolk town for well over a century.

Downham Market Clock

Gothic in design and made from wrought iron, it is proudly considered one of Downham Market’s most distinctive features.

Downham Market Clock

The clock was presented to the town in 1878 by local draper, grocer and clothier James Scott. Unusually, it had illumination of the dials by a gas supply.

 Downham Market Clock

The earlier Photos were taken around 1900. It’s astonishing how little the town square has changed over the past 100 years.

Tower Clocks

Tower clocks tend to be some of my favorite due to the size of the movements. The bigger they are, the easier to work on. And as a clock repairman, it makes a big difference. I’d sure love to see this movement up close.

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