Corpus Clock, Cambridge University

The Corpus Clock, Cambridge University, is one of the school’s most recently added sites of interest, and one of the most ingenious.

corpus clock, Cambridge university

Situated on the outside of the Taylor Library at Corpus Christi College, the 24-carat gold plated clock was conceived and funded by Corpus Christi alumni John C. Taylor. He invested 5 years in its creation and the project cost £1 million with 200 people involved in its construction. It was officially unveiled on 19th September 2008 by world renowned physicist and Cambridge professor, Stephen Hawking.

Best Inventions

The clock was named as one of Time magazine’s Best Inventions of 2008. With a diameter of 1.5 meter, the gold plated stainless steel disc is an impressive site. It has no numbers or hands but rather displays the time by opening up individual slits in the face, which are all backlit with blue LEDs. Being entirely mechanical, the clock has no digital or electrical input, except for a small electric motor which powers the diodes.

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