Comtoise Morbier

Comtoise Morbier marriageThis Comtoise Morbier clock is obviously a marriage of case and movement. Neither are old . . . vintage at best.  The case is exceptional, heavily carved oak with panel sides. It’s over seven feet tall and looks very grand.

Comtoise Morbier marriageThe movement is an authentic French handmade Comtoise Morbier. Unusual in that one has the option of bell or gong strike combinations  and night time silent option. I was able to find the manufacturer of this movement, still in business today:

Comtoise Morbier marriageMorbier clocks are a particular favorite of mine. The robust well engineered works appeal to my taste. Over the years, I have collected antique, vintage and newer versions of these wonderful clocks.

A word of advice when collecting the newer ones: to my knowledge, there are only about two manufacturers in existence who hand make authentic Comtoise movements. The lesser quality copies are easy to spot as they will most likely be fitted with small Hermle type movements and they are typically of lower quality in all other respects: face, trim hands, pendulum etc. . . As with anything of quality, of course, authentic Comtoises come at a price!

This is the link to the other quality manufacturer:

Here is a few photos of the movement:

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