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Spend Time with Time – YouTube Channel

We’ve created a YouTube channel, Spend Time with Time, to which we will post videos of two sorts:

  • Short tutorials on the maintenance of mechanical clocks
  • Videos of clocks ticking

Check it out: Spend Time with Time

Videos of clocks ticking? you might ask. Are you crazy? Maybe . . . maybe. But I do think that in this digital age, the thought and sound of a regular, mechanical beat can be a soothing reprieve from the fan-cooled buzz of humming ones and zeroes.

I imagine poets of the Romantic era yearning for the nature they saw disappearing all around them, taking solace in their memories of communing with greenery and sinuous rills as children. Maybe grandmother’s house, a place where you found comfort and solace, had a ticking mechanical clock on the mantel. You’d like on your belly on the living room rug while the adults were outside and just listen to the ticking. You haven’t really listened to ticking in years.

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