Finding Antique Clocks

We starting bringing antique clocks home from auctions in our local area about ten years ago. Technically speaking, not all of them are antique clocks, but vintage, although we have many that date back more than 100 hundred years, and a few from as far back as the eighteenth century.

What’s glorious about antique clocks is that they are mechanical. You can buy mechanical clocks today, yes, but the plates of the movement are cut thinner, the gears not as finely honed, and the overall gravitas of a timekeeper that has seen over a century pass is simply not there.

Most of these pieces need work. Fortunately, this is why this hobby suits us because we have the wherewithal and the means to repair them. For those who lack these resources and would have to take a ‘new’ antique clock to a repair shop each time they brought one home, the option of collection is not feasible. Still, finding one that speaks to you and providing it the TLC required (or paying to have that TLC provided) does work to extend the history and the life of these treasures. Antique clocks have kept time while watching it pass. The poetry of that gets me buzzing.

View some of the antique clocks in our collection:

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