What is My Antique Clock Worth?

What is My Antique Clock Worth?

We receive emails with this question all the time, to both this site and our sister site, gledhillbrook.com. Although we are not professional appraisers or antiques dealers, our familiarity with the market due to our personal interest and collection gives us some insight into what one can buys certain clocks for where.


That’s key, the ‘where’ part of the equation . . . Clock shops are going to sell antique clocks for their idea of its retail value.


Auctions are usually selling antique clocks or vintage clocks as part of a container full of lots they are trying to offload quickly. Therefore, they will sell the clock for whatever anyone present at that particular auction is willing to pay for it. Unless the auction has been billed as a clock-specific sale, clocks at local auctions are most often sold for far less than they are worth.


What we’ve found to be the true barometer for antique clock value these days are online auction sites. Here, you have clocks available from all over the world. These are made available to customers looking for these wares.  eBay.co.uk is particularly good for getting an idea of what you might feasibly be able to garner from the sale of your clock.

Selling/Buying through eBay is tricky because of the extreme care that must be taken in packaging and shipping a fragile antique. Additionally, the respective cost of shipping will be increased. Still, for a general, fair market value, eBay is the best place to start and is the direction in which we point most folks asking about antique clock value.

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