A three weight Vienna Regulator

My finest Vienna Regulator.  A three weight Vienna Regulator dating from approximately 1870.

Three Weight Vienna Regulator

Three Weight Vienna Regulator

This clock has ‘Grand Sonnerie’ striking. It first chimes the quarter, then the hour. For example, at 6:30, it chimes twice on the quarter then 6 times on the hour. At 9:00, it strikes 4 times on the quarter then nine times on the hour. This feature is also known as blind man’s clock.

The three weights drive the two striking trains and the time train.

I never run this clock for more than a day because the chiming could drive me insane and all the Vienna regulators I own have a very ‘tinny’ sounding chime! Vienna regulators are some of the most beautiful clocks to collect. However, they are also the worst sounding clocks…..the ‘Grand Sonnerie’ is not so grand!!

Vienna Regulator Collection

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