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If you are so inclined, take time to flip through my collection and tell me what you think.

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I  have many passions. One of them is our antique clock collection, both the collecting and the repair. In this blog, I will post my work, stories about my antique clock collection, questions, and thoughts about all things horological. I hope to hear from any other horology fanatics out there.

For those of you specifically interested in Gledhill Brook Time Recorders, please consider visiting our sister site GledhillBrook.com.

Let me know what you think!

34 responses to “Due Time Clock Blog – My Antique Clock Collection!

  1. Nice clock collection! I like the pictures of the movements in addition to the case pictures that you have throughout the site.
    John J.

  2. Lovely clocks and well done 🙂 do you sell any of them time to time ? I am after a Steth Thomeas long drop as I also think they look terrific.

  3. Hi,
    You certainly have an interesting collection. Thanks for sharing it. I see you have a couple of Gledhill-Brook recorders. I have one too, rather like your ‘top half’, but complete – or at least it was complete until the mainspring snapped. Do you know of anyone who might be able to supply a mainspring for one of these?Mine is a non-fusee movement: the spring is about 30mm wide and about 3.5m long, and not in a barrel. I haven’t been able to track down anything here in the UK (yet) but wondered if there is some likely source elsewhere. Any advice will be much appreciated as I am really missing the healthy tick of my kitchen clock.
    Best regards,
    Peter Grant

  4. Hi! I’m excited to see your collection and especially how you restore the clocks.
    I have an antique german wall clock and I don’t know where to send it for repair and restoration. I live on Aruba, and I don’t have much options. I’d have to send it overseas for this. Do you do this type of work or do you just do it as a hobby? Or maybe you can recommend me where to send it. In any case, thanks a lot and keep up the tremendous hobby. Rolando.

  5. I would like to have an idea of the price of some antique clocks I have, including an old punch clock dated 1870 by Rubinstein Museum of Science and Tehnology of Syracus, N. Y. Would it be possible to have them priced if I send you a thank youphoto of each of them?

    • Unfortunately, I don’t know that I’d be the best source for obtaining estimates on your clocks. I am not a professional appraiser.

      I’ve found that punch clocks are difficult to price. I try to price mine by looking at retail versions and clocks on eBay.

      I would be interested in seeing photos of your clocks. I may be able to offer some information, if based only on my personal, hobby experience.

  6. Richard Brunner

    I have a Junghans Westminster clock which instead of 5 chime rods has 4 chime rods for the Westminster gongs, and a separate mounted round gong for the hour. That round gong was removed before I got the clock. Any way I can find the gong? I’m guessing it would be about 4″ round on a 5″ or 6″ rod attached to the base which mounts on the clock with 4 screws. Would appreciate any suggestions. Thank you, Rick

  7. Hello

    I have buy vintage time recorder of Time Recorder Supply and Maintenance & Co Ltd. I need your help about couriosity and price. Inside is date 30-12-24.

    there is link to some photos: http://nt.r2ot.sk/?tr

    Thank you in advance

  8. Hi There..
    I have a french morbier long case grandfather clock in a solid oak case in beautiful condition.I bought it at an antique store in the heart of Beverly Hills (where I lived) 10 years ago.It is also in perfect running condition and has tapering violin shaped sides and a stunning embossed face..It chimes twice on the hour and on the half hour.It is 96 “high and 20″wide.I am a complete beginner and haven’t a clue as to where/how to sell it.You seem so lovely and I would so appreciate any help/advise you may have.I also have a very unique seth thomas large lobby clock with a gorgeous emerald green face with roses and cornflowers.It is 38 inches high,25″wide.I can send you pics of both.Again,thank you for taking the time to read my post and hope to hear from you soon.
    thankyou so much.

  9. Hi there,

    I found your site through a google search. Most impressive on all fronts, especially your project section. Congratutaltions. I am a complete novice to clocks other than I have bought a few over the past 2 years on the basis of what is pleasing to both my ear and eye. I have recently bought a beautiful dark oak art deco long case clock. It has a wonderful Westminster chime every quarter hour and keeps minute perfect time over 7 days. It clunks, however, rather than chimes the hour. Could you offer some suggestions as to who could inspect this time piece for me in N.Ireland or if it is a straightforward problem I could resolve? I am a musical instrument maker by profession so not completely handless! If you could also direct me to some novice literature/resources it would be greatly appreciated.

    Many thanks in advance.

    Martin Preshaw

    • It sounds like the striking hammer is too close to the chime rod. If this is the case, it’s a simple fix. Just a matter of bending the wire arm that the hammer is attached to. The hammers usually have a leather pad on the end. There should be a gap of aprox 1/8 – 1/16 inch between the chime rod and the hammer tip. Just a matter of bending the wire arm.

  10. I hae a time clock that came out of the Alvis works in Coventry it is electtriclly propelled, it seems to work but very fast the small power box has a wheel with two arms that rotate to energise the magnet then on release the hand moves, how do you regulate the time so it dont run so fast,

  11. Great website and refreshing to find someone with a passion for old clocks rather than a business based dealer. I stumbled onto this site when trying to find some info on an old Junghans clock I have recently inherited. My father passed away recently at the age of 86 and the clock was his mothers originally. I have since found out that the stamp on the back plate indicates that it was made in 1906. The wooden case is in beautiful condition and the movement runs like a dream to within 2 minutes per day. The case appears to be mahogany with a natural waxed finish and. the Westminster chime has a full, rich tone. The movement casings of similar clocks I have seen on the internet appears dull but this one is highly polished. I have no intention of selling this clock but I would really like to get some more info on it, maybe even a valuation for insurance purposes. Can you suggest anyone who could tell me more about it ? I can send as many detailed photos as you like. Cheers Russ

  12. It is great to see someone with passion. I hope you will browse our collection. Our business started from basically being a collector. This wonderful world of antique clocks is special. It gives great pleasure working on special clock movements. If you are ever in london please pop by for a coffee and a chat.

  13. It is great that many people take up this passion of antique clock repair. Our antique clocks business started just like this over 40 years ago as a hobby of my fathers. Now we restore clocks for major hotels in London, major embassy’s in London and have many vip customers. All from doing something we love. Like yourself this is an obvious passion.

  14. just wonder if you can give any info on a clock from the self winding clock co

  15. Eric Grandjean

    Hi Due time!
    I left a little message in you blogs attached to your collection which I found very interesting. I did not come across an response from you, thus the reason for this message. I have a morbier similar to the one shown at the beginning of your collection, you have two messages there, but don’t know whether you ave seen them. This is what I was saying:
    Eric Grandjean | April 12, 2012 at 2:41 am | Reply

    Dear DUE TIME,
    I have purchased a working movement in a flea market in France, very similar to your Morbier movement above, maybe older. It has no mark that I can see which would identify its maker.
    I have a question which I hope you will be able to answer. Should I consider taking it apart and restore it to its as new condition? That would include the face which shows damages in the white enamel part of it which I cannot do myself, thus looking for a specialist who could. It has a name which is:
    Cellier on top, and au Malsieu below.
    My email address is: erctaho@hotmail.com
    to make easy to answer.
    Upon receipt of your answer, I will send you photos if you are interested. I am planning to keep this piece as long as I can.
    With my best regards,

  16. I have noticed that Gledhill brook time recorder clocks sometimes have Roman numerals and at other times they have Arabic. Was this a purchasers choice or was it a change of style at some specific date?simon.ward950@gmail.com

  17. Hi, I am looking for some a device please, I have a Gledhil Brook time recorder which is in good condition and working order. It is identical to the one pictured on your site but not fully restored. Unfortunately I don’t have space for it in my flat anymore and am looking to sell. I have seen a variety of prices advertised for similar clocks on the Internet (mainly eBay) so was hoping for some guidance.
    Many thanks

  18. hi I have bought a gledhillbrook timerecorder. no52338.. cl327. I do not know weather this needs a master clock or runs straight off the mains. the info on clock reads. electricall propelled. on plate inside is 4 1/2 ozs. .145 amps. phase 20 ohms res. any help would be great in dateing and power supply. thank you. 12/08/2013.

  19. hi has anyone got the plates what are on the case i.e don’t turn the hands backwards, and the others. or an empty case as I have 2 up and running movmnts. cheers thanks

  20. Hi, I came across your site whilst browsing for info on two clocks we just inherited, an Enfield Grandfather clock and an Enfield mantel clock, bith in reasonable mechanical and physical condition. Both have not been working for 25+ years. To my surprise I have managed to get them both working within a few hours with just minor adjustments and both are keeping time after further adjustments.

    My problem is the grandfather is missing 4 of the 8 chime rods and I don’t know what or where to order replacements from! They are the rods with the screw head on one end. All the screws are there but 4 have broken off over the years and it would appear that the longest one (still fitted) is about 21.5 inches long. I haven’t played with the chime setup yet so not even sure if its working as I wanted to see if the clock itself was working before spending much time and money on it.

    Thanks heaps, Dave,

  21. I have some new and unused Gledhill Brook Time Recorder time record cards if anyone would like to make an offer for some

  22. Richard Wisotzkey


    You obviously have spent many years learning and working with clocks. Your website is very nice and enjoyable, though it does lack a little curious information. I may have overlooked it, but I did notice any information on the website about you. It would be nice to know a little about when and how you became interested in clocks, and how you got started. Your name and where you are located would be nice too. That would not be invasive, only courteous. (Especially since you require mine for submitting this reply.)

    I will not ask you about any clocks, or parts, but I do have a couple curious questions I hope you will answer. From looking at some of the before/after cleaning pictures, it appears the tarnished oxidized look of the plates and wheels look amazingly bright. What do you use to clean your parts with, and is this bright appearance just a result of the cleaning? I would also like to know after separating the plates of a clockworks, how in the world do you get all those pivots and holes to lineup simultaneously to reassemble them? Thank-you!


    • Cleaning is done in an Ultrasonic cleaning tank using a Ammoniated cleaning solution. Typically this leaves the finish bright enough that polishing individual parts is not necessary. When reassembling the clock, I place all the wheels in one plate, lower the top plate on top and start installing the largest pinions first into their corresponding holes and work to the top of the assembly until all the wheels are in place. Takes some practice and lots of patients!!

      Thank you for visiting our blog!

  23. I have a Simplex time recorder model BCTW from a family members estate. It’s in North Hollywood, CA. Who wants it? Must be gone by July 10.

  24. I have just bought a factory clocking in machine, which I have striped down to clean. ref.no on the clock is 9851 and on the case its 740-51, anyone any ideas of the year,…. would love to heasr. enid@manx.net

  25. I rescued this from a barn can you tell me anything about it!
    There are no numbers inside there is a yellow stamp on the bottom, but not very legible. How can I send a pic and its missing a pendulum.

  26. james matheson

    Hi I was informally invited to a competition to put a 6 volt motor on a self winding and attach a usb device to the motor like this
    The competition offers a chance for the product to be manufactured
    I am hoping this might interest you to help me design my device professionally if you have the time , the competition is in September
    there is also a cash prize, I am hoping we can help bring back the clock industry I hope this interest someone

  27. I have a Gledhill clocking in clock but has no actual clocking in part, anybody have one or knows where there is one for sale.

  28. christer löwenberg

    Is this site still active ?
    I have a request. From our grandfather we got a Junghans Mantel clock. Marking on the mechanics inside is ” W278 –Junghans brand–35 4″ and ” 203/38……68″.
    Because it was “broken” a fixed some of the mechanics (springs and stuff) but in the process it totally dismantled it self. Don’t know were the wheels ( 8 of them) are supposed to go.
    Do someone have a “blueprint” of the mechanics so I can put it together again ?

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