Vienna Regulator-style wall clock ca. 1880

This is a Vienna regulator-style, unmarked German 8-day clock.

vienna regulator-style clock
It has a spring-driven movement, with fine quality gear work and machined pinions. vienna regulator-style clockUpon disassembly, I noticed that both main springs had hairline cracks at the hole or barrel end. I annealed the spring ends and cut off the defective tips and reformed new hole ends.

Mainspring Failure

I always check mainsprings for fractures such as this whenever I remove the springs. Mainspring failure is always a recipe for disaster. If a spring breaks under load it can potentially render a movement unrepairable if gears and pinions are damaged…well worth the time to perform some preventative maintenance.


This is one of those clock  projects where, during the reassembly, I was very lucky in that after cleaning and assembly, the striking train was exactly in sync! It was not even necessary to adjust the wheel for the hammer lifting pins!!

I wish I could be that lucky with the lottery!!

Porcelain two piece face and heavy lead backed pendulum with grid iron temperature compensation.


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  1. my uncle died last year leaving over one hundred clocks he refurbished..everything from calendar clocks, kitchen clocks, (one even floor to ceiling).i know nothing of clocks but my cousin sold a few with many more left.

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