St Vincent Church, Littlebourne, Canterbury, Kent, UK

Just outside of Canterbury England can be found the beautiful small Kentish village of Littlebourne, which has at its heart the 13th Century St Vincent church.

st vincent church

I often stay with friends in Littlebourne when I visit England. On my 2010 visit, I took the opportunity to explore the church clock tower. I know very little about Tower Clocks, so  take a look at the photo and let me know more about the movement, if you know. St Vincent’s church is relatively small and the rich sound of the clock ticking away in the tower can be heard all around the church.

Update March 2011

Thanks to one of our readers, Simon, we now know the following about this movement – “It was referred to as an ‘Armchair Movement.'” See his entire comment below.

3 responses to “St Vincent Church, Littlebourne, Canterbury, Kent, UK

  1. I used to wind the clock at Wellingore in Lincolnshire which had a very similar movement to the one at Littlebourne Kent .It was refered to as an ‘Armchair Movement’ by the company who had to overhaul it in the 1970’s

  2. Thank you for the information. We’ll add it to the post!

  3. My great grand father Edward Rye I am told used to maintain and look after St Vincent’s church clock between about 1891 and the late 1920’s when he went to Australia.
    He had his shop on the corner of the High street and Nargate street.
    It is not known how he trained as a Watchmaker as in the 1881 census he was a farm labourer but in the 1891 he is listed as a Watchmaker.
    He made many clocks and there are still some around but the only ones I am aware of are in Queensland although my grandmother did have one of them in her house in Bekesbourne.

    Regards Stuart Emery

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