Junghans Mantel Clock with Westminster Chime 1. Ca 1900-10.

This is a large, lovely Junghans mantel clock with Westminster Chime.

 Junghans Mantel clock with Westminster Chime

Junghans Mantel Clock.

 Junghans Mantel clock with Westminster Chime

Junghans is an Austrian company that manufactured clocks from 1861 to 1922. This clock is a later example. Junghans is a fairly well-respected name.

Balance Wheels

This one has a pendulum movement; I have seen later Junghans clocks with ‘Balance Wheel’ escapements. I assume they must have been made toward the end of the company’s existence. The examples of Balance Wheel movements that I have seen appeared to be of lesser quality than the pendulum movements. As such, I have avoided collecting them.

The Case

The lines on this case are incredible. We have several Junghans clocks in our collection (see below), but this case is out of this world in terms of shelf appeal. A real charmer. One of our favorites. I’ve noted this before, but usually, we don’t have to do much work to Junghans cases, a testament to how appreciated they are, not only across the clock community, but among the general buying and owning public, as well.

Our Junghans

6 responses to “Junghans Mantel Clock with Westminster Chime 1. Ca 1900-10.

  1. Woooo…very – very nice . Where is it ? Sale or not

  2. Thanks for your comment! I’m afraid this is actually the clock we’ve chosen for our fireplace mantel. Afraid it’s not for sale . . .

  3. Junghans is still making clocks and watches.
    Clock making factory starts in Germany Schramberg Black Forest area 1861.
    The Junghans Company makes fusion with Becker, Lenzkirch, Hamburg American clock company(HAC) in 1926.

  4. Amazing! We have the same clock on our mantel after buying it at auction around 2003. I had questioned whether the scroll trim was original, as it has been tacked in one place, but am pleased to see it matches yours perfectly. The only problem is that the clock is so loud we don’t keep it wound.

    • Cool! It’s a beautiful clock. You know, you could let the chime wind down and then only wind the middle hole. That is for time only and would give you the benefit of the clock without the deafening audio!

  5. Rachel Espinoza

    Rachel : January 17,2016 I have this same clock it was given to me from my mother I’ve had it sense I got married in 8/18/1994 I’ve just started to investigate a little about this Junghans mantel clock what year was it made and what’s it worth??

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