As some of you who visit our site regularly may have noticed, our Gledhill Brook Time Recorder posts have received far and away more traffic, questions, and queries than any posts about any of our other clocks. We, therefore, felt there was call for a site dedicated exclusively to these timepieces. So, we have created a sort of Gledhill Brook fan site.

A Gledhill Brook Fan Site

GledhillBrook.Com is an infant right now, but we hope to continually add to it, both as we ourselves do more research and as we recieve information from other GB lovers around the world.

Right now, visitors can find information on the company’s history, photographs of British workers using the time recorders, and a collection of print advertisements for the clocks from the early part of the twentieth century.

If you have resources, images, or memories of these clocks that you’d like us to share with the public on the site, there are many places you’ll find as you click around where you can email the information to us.

We love these locks; for those of you who also have a special place for them in your heart, we invite you to visit

3 responses to “GledhillBrook.Com

  1. Hello all.

    Great website, well done to everyone involved!

    I have recently purchased at auction here in the UK a Gledhill-brooks time recorder. When I examined the clock externally it has the number 54527 this was confirmed elsewhere on the wooden case. BUT the movement is NOT a fusee!. It is of the looped spring type movement, the movement is an Empire No. J31070 GBTR ltd. I just wondered if this was a less expensive option than the more normal Gledhill Brook. I am a little disappointed as I had not realised that Gledhill made “non fussee” versions of their clocks.

    It all looks complete, but a pinion has been damaged, but I hope to start restoring this in the near future.

    Comments would be most welcome about my Gledhill Brooks!

  2. Fantastic blog site! Great collection. Have bookmarked.

  3. Is the Gledhill Brook website still functioning? I know it’s available, but replies from them seem impossible to come by.

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