Gledhill Brook Time Recorder Restoration or What to do with a Clock in a Box

gledhill brook time recorder restorationWe have a  Gledhill Brook Time Recorder restoration which was actually purchased as a box of parts and a case. Most of the clock appears to be complete with the exception of the hands and a few small parts that I will be able to fabricate. Fortunately, I have a complete Gledhill Brook clock from which to work.

Rolls Royce of Time Recorders

As I’ve stated in a previous post, if one ever has an opportunity to work on one of these clocks you will soon realize why they are regarded as the ‘Rolls Royce’ of time recorders. Huge chain fusee movements fitted with Harrison maintaining power.

Maintaining Power Spring

Maintaining power is a feature not often mentioned with these clocks, but it exemplifies the quality of these time pieces. I have begun my restoration with the disassembly and cleaning of the movement. The case has been sanded down and re-stained as most of the original finish was gone.

Need More of Gledhill Brook

Remember, all of you interested in Gledhill Brook Time Recorders are invited to visit our sister site: GledhillBrook.Com

You can see progress on this restoration in the following posts:

14 responses to “Gledhill Brook Time Recorder Restoration or What to do with a Clock in a Box

  1. I have a Gledhill-Brook Time Recorder No 55795, in oak case.
    This has been in storage and needs renovating, can you give me any advice, it appears in quite good condition although the ribbon has broken apart with age.
    I would consider selling it to someone who would renovate it as opposed to using it for spares as it is to good for that !!!!.
    It is a beautiful time piece and needs TLC.

    • Thank you for writing!

      The problem you have with this clock is that (in the UK) they are not terribly valuable, so, it would most likely exceed the value of the clock to have it professionally restored. In addition, one needs some clock repair experience to do a comprehensive restoration on this clock. I would suggest doing a superficial clean-up and oiling so that the clock will run with no damage to the movement or time recorder mechanism.

      I most definitely would not run the clock until it has been oiled.

  2. I bought a Gledhill-Brook Time recorder from an antique store and found out after I took it in to be repaired that it needs a new spring to work the pendulum. Do you know where I would be able to get one.


    • Hi I have acquired a Gledhill-brook time recorder, it needs the small spring that connects the pendulum to the easement wheel as it is broken, was this the same that you required, if so did you get a response?


  3. I have a Gledhill Brook clocking in clock – no. 54157. The problem is we have lost the key to open the case. Would you know how to get hold of another one.


    • Hi.

      I’m afraid this happened to me, as well. You’ll have to take it to a locksmith, which is what I did. It was not expensive and he was able to make me a key.

      Good luck!

  4. I have a Gledhill Brook time recording clock in good condition that I would like to sell. Serial #71705 I have pictures. I’m in the Orlando area.

  5. Allan Stephenson

    Hi i have just purchased a gledhill brooks time recorder and with help from some nice people on this blog i have discovered there is no parts in the fusee movement to transfer power to the recorder (the clock works great as well as the case) i dont know the names of the parts but they all fit to the movement, could anybody helpme purchase these items please as i would like the recorder to work aswell.

    Thank you,
    Allan stephenson

  6. I am not sure what the rod (bright brass color) in my 1942 Gledhill-Brooks time Recorder does. Can you help? It is on the Right hand side of face of the clock and looks like it does up to a lever on the top right of the mechanism.

  7. I recently purchased a Gledhill brook time recorder which I have restored but I have a question maybe someone can help me ? The recorder at the bottom only has one handle to clock in and stamp the card so how does the card move to the different hours ? my other clock has a handle to move the card along but my new one does not. any help or photos please

  8. Terry Collier

    I have a rare Gledhill Brook Time Recorder for sale on Ebay if anybody is interested.

  9. Hi
    I’m looking for a bit of help and / or advice, we recently inherited a Gledhill-Brooks Universal Recorder Time Clock serial number 22247. We have put this to a clock repairer who looks after some clocks that we have and they say that the main winding arbour wheel or great wheel or transition wheel, (depending on what people call it) but regardless, it’s the 1st wheel in the chain is damaged. The question I would have is, we believe that it is an empire movement and can you advise the best place to go to look at getting a replacement wheel, or perhaps someone who had a non working clock with a movement that may still have this useable part.
    Any help or advice will be most appreciated.
    Best regards
    Walter McComb

  10. I have a fully restored timer serial No. 22888 but the inked tape is very worn. Any information as to where I can obtain a replacement?

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